Praise for Sue

Praise for Sue DeBrule &
Rise Above The Rat Race

“The bookstore is filled with amazing stories of personal development, from some of the top experts in the industry, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, and countless others. All of these books talk about how to be the best you and achieve the results that you want in life. They all knew the same secret: You can have any life that you choose to have. It is not very often that we come across a read that spreads the same message, from a new writer. I think we have found a new competitor, in the personal development industry, with Sue DeBrule.

DeBrule’s book title, Rise Above The Rat Race, sets a solid foundation for living your life, past your wildest imagination. DeBrule educates her readers on the journey to empowering themselves and becoming the person you truly want and deserve to be. This book outlines a plan of taking steps, no matter how small, to achieve every goal and desire that you have. If you are looking for a fresh perspective on improving your life, I recommend that you soak up all that DeBrule has shared in her book. Don’t wait, pick yours up right away and see the difference it will make in your life.

DeBrule now stands among the giants in the personal development industry and each power packed page will bring you closer to success. Enjoy this treasure trove, as it is a great read.”

Terri Bork, Entrepreneur, Author Finally Free, Your Attraction Marketing Mentor



Rise Above The Rat Race is a must read and study for anyone looking to work for themselves, to understand how to turn dominant thoughts into action, and just simply how to increase their chances for success. This book illustrates:




Methodical approach to options to get ahead Breakdown of different streams of income
How to make a business energy flow Luck versus opportunities
How to discover your purpose What to look for in a mentor
Options of navigating your next career How to build your self-esteem
Understanding money Steps involved in making good decisions

Rise Above The Rat Race is a heart touching and practical book. Owning a home based internet business is an ideal business model that allows you time freedom and unlimited income. DeBrule reveals why and some pitfalls to avoid.”

Kanina Johnson, Law of Attraction Wealth Conscious Life Coach, Author Walk In Your Power,



“DeBrule is rightfully called “The Home Business Guru.” She has become a personal friend, through our business association, and the principles that have brought her success are clearly stated in her book. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting guidelines on how to rise above their present circumstances, and to live a fulfilling and successful life. Get your own copy of, Rise Above The Rat Race. Do what she says and expect life changing results.”

Lynne Sinclair Taylor, Artist, Entrepreneur,




Julianne Rowat, Entrepreneur



Lynn Rothfuss, Entrepreneur

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