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August 2, 2010

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How to Beat the Recession – Have a Plan B

The recession has hit many people hard, and it will most likely get worse.

Even if your job seems secure, or your business is doing well, you still need a backup plan to beat the recession, according to Sue DeBrule, author of the new book, Rise Above the Rat Race.

"The rules of the game have changed," DeBrule said. "What worked for your grandparents no longer works in this recession."

That’s why she advocates looking for another source of income.

"Sure, you can get a second job, but there’s no guarantee that you will be able to keep that one either," DeBrule said.

She suggests that you start your own business, preferably one that you can do from home. "It’s yours, nobody can take it away from you. You can grow it at your own pace and there are often tax benefits to a home-based business. Eventually, it could even replace or outpace what you make from your job or current business," DeBrule said.

But not every business opportunity is right for every person. That’s why she offers several tips for making a wise choice.

First, investigate the company before making a decision to move forward with them, to find out if they are viable and a psychological match. "To find personal success within a company, you will need to connect emotionally in some positive way, to produce the flow of energy necessary for success," DeBrule said. "Let your emotions guide you towards a company. The selection of a company can make or break your success."

It’s also important to investigate the industry and its overall long-term potential. "What’s hot now may not be hot tomorrow," DeBrule said.

Rise Above the Rat Race is much more than a guide on how to beat the recession.

It is a primer on time-tested success principles such as goal setting, discovering your purpose, igniting your passion, universal laws of success, methods to increase income streams, how to change limiting beliefs, a simple method for eliminating debt and much more. It also features stories and advice from successful entrepreneurs.

DeBrule’s book is proof that we can all beat the recession. Her health issues prevented her from pursuing a "normal" career path, so she blazed her own trail.

"People don’t become obsolete but their thinking can," she said. "My belief was that being a victor and not a victim would provide enough wind to propel my sails."

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